Welcome to cruiseshipjobs.biz. This website is a free resource
created to help people find work in the maritime industry aboard
cruise ships and other passenger vessels. The thought of working
on a cruise ship evokes all sorts of images. It's easy to imagine
yourself wearing a sharp uniform, visiting exotic ports, working with
interesting people and enjoying sunsets at sea. Cruise ships seem
to be symbols of romance, adventure, cool drinks and carefree
attitudes. Well they are…but that part is for the passengers! Cruise
ship employees work hard to make this magic happen. And though
some find the lifestyle appealing, it’s a job…not a holiday.

Cruiseship jobs are attractive for a number of reasons. Cruise ship
employment offers the opportunity to travel and see exotic
destinations while earning money. Cruise ship jobs can offer the
opportunity to advance a career in a large company. However, cruise
ship jobs can also mean long working hours, shiftwork, and a long
work week. A job at sea on a cruiseship can also mean being away
from home for long time periods.

Prospects for employment in the cruise industry will depend on your
skills and experience. A cruise ship is essentially a floating and
traveling hotel. There are different departments in which a person
can find work. The required skills can range from graduation from a
maritime academy to work as a deck or engine officer... to music
skills to work in the entertainment department... to social skills to
coordinate fun activities for passengers.

Depending on the position, cruise ship jobs can require Coast
Guard licenses, STCW (Standards for Training Certification of
Watchkeeping), or in some cases no particular maritime training
other than a willingness to work hard.

Cruise lines regularly look for captains, staff captains, chief
engineers, assistant engineers, chief officers, assistant officers,
safety officers, security officers, able bodied seamen (or able
seamen, deckhands, designated duty engineers, QMED (qualified
members of the engine department), mechanics, electricians,
machinists, electronics technicians, IT personnel, environmental
officers, culinary staff including chief chefs, assistant chefs, wine
specialists, stewards, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, cruise
directors, youth coordinators, lifeguards, utility workers,
housekeeping staff, singers and musicians, entertainers, pursers
and more. Cruise lines can have different names for the same

Cruise lines also search for shoreside positions including customer
service, sales, accounting, marketing, managers, compliance, port
engineers, schedulers, contract administrators, human resources
staff, purchasing staff, and administrative staff. The inventory of
shoreside positions can vary with the cruise line company.

Salaries and wages can vary with the cruise line, vessel size,
license, experience and skills. Sometimes an officer will sail at a
position below their rated license until a vacancy arises. People
holding masters' licenses could work as first officers, chief
engineers as first assistant engineers and so on. Throughout this
site, references may be provided for the US Coast Guard or US
Department of Labor. Some cruise ships sail under the U.S. flag.
However, you should be aware that a large number of cruise ships
are registered under the flags of Panama, Bermuda, the Bahamas
and other foreign flags.

Good luck and smooth sailing!

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U.S. Department of Labor - These are contact
numbers for Dept of Labor Offices that maintain
regional employment, unemployment, wage
information. However, keep in mind that many cruise
ship lines operate their vessels under flags of foreign
nations. Therefore, the information provided by these
offices may not be applicable to non-U.S. flag vessels.

ALABAMA - Montgomery, AL - (334) 242-8859
ALASKA - Juneau, AK - (907) 465-4518
ARIZONA - Phoenix, AZ - (602) 542-3871
ARKANSAS - Little Rock, AR - (501) 682-4500
CALIFORNIA - Sacramento, CA - (916) 262-2160
COLORADO - Denver, CO - (303) 318-8898
CONNECTICUT, Wethersfield,CT, (860) 263-6255
DELAWARE - Wilmington, DE - (302) 761-8052
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - (202) 671-1633
FLORIDA - Tallahassee, FL - (850) 488-1048
GEORGIA - Atlanta, GA - (404) 232-3875
HAWAII - Honolulu, HI - (808) 586-8996
IDAHO - Boise, ID - (800) 772-2553
ILLINOIS - Chicago, IL - (312) 793-2316
INDIANA - Indianapolis, IN - (317) 232-7460
IOWA - Des Moines, IA - (515) 281-0255
KANSAS - Topeka, KS - (785) 296-5058
LOUISIANA - Baton Rouge, LA - (225) 342-3141
MAINE - Augusta, ME - (207) 287-2271
MARYLAND - Baltimore, MD - (410) 767-2250
MASSACHUSETTS - Boston, MA - (617) 626-6556
MICHIGAN - Detroit, MI - (313) 456-3090
MINNESOTA - St. Paul, MN - (651) 282-2714
MISSISSIPPI - Jackson, MS - (601) 321-6261
MISSOURI - Jefferson City, MO - (573)
U.S. Department of Labor - These are contact
numbers for Dept of Labor Offices that maintain
regional employment, unemployment, wage
information. However, keep in mind that many cruise
ship lines operate their vessels under flags of foreign
nations. Therefore, the information provided by these
offices may not be applicable to non-U.S. flag vessels.

MONTANA - Helena, MT - (406) 444-2430
NEBRASKA - Lincoln, NE - (402) 471-9964NEVADA -
Carson City, NV - (775) 684-0387
NEW HAMPSHIRE - Concord, NH - (603) 228-4123
NEW JERSEY - Trenton, NJ 08625 - (609) 292-0099
NEW MEXICO - Albuquerque, NM - (505) 222-4683
NEW YORK - Albany, NY - (518) 457-6369
NORTH CAROLINA - Raleigh, NC - (919) 733-2936
NORTH DAKOTA - Bismarck, ND - (701) 328-2868
OHIO - Columbus, OH - (614) 752-9494
OKLAHOMA - Oklahoma City, OK - (405) 557-7265
OREGON - Salem, OR - (503) 947-1212
PENNSYLVANIA - Harrisburg, PA - (717) 787-3266
PUERTO RICO Hato Rey, PR - (787) 754-5340
RHODE ISLAND - Cranston, RI - (401) 462-8767
SOUTH CAROLINA - Columbia, SC - (803) 737-2660
SOUTH DAKOTA - Aberdeen, SD - (605) 626-2314
TENNESSEE - Nashville, TN - (615) 741-2284
TEXAS - Austin, TX - (512) 491-4802
UTAH - Salt Lake City, UT - (801) 526-9401
VERMONT - Montpelier, VT - (802) 828-4153
VIRGIN ISLANDS, Charlotte Amalie, VI 340 776-3700
VIRGINIA - Richmond, VA - (804) 786-7496
WASHINGTON - Lacey, WA - (360) 438-4804
WEST VIRGINIA - Charleston, WV - (304) 558-2660
WISCONSIN - Madison, WI - (608) 267-2393
WYOMING - Casper, WY - (307) 473-3807
Cruiseship Jobs - Cruise Ship Jobs - Work on Cruise Ships - Cruise Industry Employment - Jobs on
Cruise Ships - Cruise Ship Employment - Cruise Ship Jobs - Cruise Line Jobs - Cruise Ship Companies
These are major cruise lines
that hire personnel to fill their
cruise ship jobs. There are
many other jobs available
through other cruise lines
that are not as prominent.

American Cruise Lines
American Canadian
Caribbean Line        
Bora Bora Cruises
Carnival Cruise Lines
Celebrity Cruises
Clipper Cruise Line
Costa Cruises
Cruise West
Crystal Cruises
Cunard Line
Custom Alaska Cruises
Disney Cruise Line
Holland America Line
Norwegian America Line      
Norwegian Capricorn Line
Norwegian Cruise Line
Premier Cruise Line           
Princess Cruises                
Regent Seven Seas Cruises  
Royal Caribbean International
Royal Olympia Cruises        
Silversea Cruises                
Seabourn Cruise Line
Windjammer Barefoot Cruises
Windstar Cruises
Cruise Ship Job Positions

Staff Captain
Chief Officer, or First Officer
Second Officer
Third Officer
Radio Officer
Safety Officer
Security Officer
Able-Bodied Seamen
Able Seamen
Chief Engineer
First Assistant Engineer
Second Assistant Engineer
Third Assistant Engineer
Junior Third Assistant
Utility Worker
Environmental Officer
Electrical Engineering Officer
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Technician
Instrumentation & Controls
Refrigeration Engineer
Refrigeration Technician
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Legend of the
carries over 2,000 passengers and has
a crew of over 700.
Just to provide a reminder that cruise ship jobs mean being at sea, we've
provided some insight with
working at sea.
The Dazzles Lounge aboard the cruise ship
Norwegian Dawn. Norwegian Cruise Line posts
openings for a number of shipboard positions that
include Production Cast, First Officer, Second
Officer, Second Engineering Officer, Executive
Sous Chef, Refrigeration Engineer and more. See
Jobs with Norwegian Cruise Line at current
cruise line openings to learn more.
RCCL posts a number
of seagoing and
shoreside positions at
its employment page.
Jobs with RCCL
at the current cruise
line openings to learn
more. With large cruise
lines, it is sometimes
difficult to keep track of
their newest ships, as
that title changes
What is an eco-cruise?
eco-cruise to learn about jobs in this
new niche of the cruise ship job market.